My Precious Colleagues,

From the moment I entered ministry and sought to pursue the call of God on my life, I have been graciously assisted and mentored by persons who preceded me on the journey. Coming alongside of me, like the Holy Spirit, these men and women were powerful examples giving me wise counsel, sharing resources and models for ministry that have been invaluable. Once I had something to share, I realized I could do no less.

More importantly, my mother prophetically named me Cynthia, which means "bringer of light". As you know, light exposes, light illumines, light gives direction and light brings understanding. As a preacher, like you, I was chosen to "declare the excellencies of the One who calls people out of darkness into the marvelous light." God has graciously blessed my ministry through the years, for which I am grateful. This is yet another privilege that is not without responsibility. I have been blessed to be a blessing.

As your colleague, I feel called to share with you what God and others have graciously given me through mentorship and friendship; this is essentially what Cynthia L. Hale Ministries is about. It is about sharing resources and making a deposit in your life, so that you are prepared to pursue the ministry to which God has called you with competence and confidence. It is my hope that the website and ministry will be valuable resources to you and that I can come alongside of you while you are on this awesome journey called ministry.

I love you madly,

Cynthia L. Hale